about ssai

SSAI focuses on consulting services, banking, insurance, development services, database, ERP, networking and on shore and offshore project managements.

SSAI successfully developed mission-critical and analytical solutions with our domain knowledge combined with our best methodologies. While SSAI serves clients in virtually every vertical we have specific expertise supporting a broad spectrum of leading organizations in the following industries: Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunications, energy and the public sector.

Our services comprise of building, re-engineering, enhancing and supporting enterprise applications. Our management process improves performance, reduces IT costs while increasing the return organizations get from their investments and assets.

We focuses on ecommerce; ERP; Telecommunications; Intranet and Internet strategies and functionality; RDBMS/OS Administration; Business Analysis; Web Services; Software Design and Architecture and website design and operation.


Business Decision Support Analytics

AR management

Cost Reduction and Control

Business Process Enhancements

IT Audits and Certification

Software Development

SSAI provide services in various fields on Windows, HP, SUN, Linux and Mainframe platforms in SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Clinical, SAS and Java & Microsoft based Internet architecture. Strengths include Databases, Programming Languages and Utilities, reference and information, network management and utility, suites & integration software and Linux based software.

A clear understanding of the business has allowed SSAI to completely leverage and exploit the existing US IT Consulting. Market consulting services generated about $ 120 Billion in worldwide revenues during 2006. (Outsourcing, a closely related industry, generated another $ 240 Billion). By far the fastest-growing segment of IT consulting has been.

Our specialty areas include

Project Management Office

System Analysis and Architecture

ERP Business Intergration

Application Development and Infrastructure

IT Quality Management

Business Intelligence / Data warehousing

Database Management

Enterprise Data warehousing

ERP Implementations

Enterprise Application Integration( EAI)

Offshore development